Let’s start with listing some of the many reasons for making a wedding in Israel…

  • Romantic
  • Beautiful
  • Elegant
  • Enchanting
  • Unique
  • Unforgettable
  • Stunning venues
  • Reliable weather (reliably good)
  • Gourmet kosher catering at a fraction of the cost overseas.

The locations, possibilities and opportunities are endless limited only by your imagination and dreams.

weddings are as much about romance as they are about families getting together. But they can also be a source of unspeakable problems, stress, anxiety, and worst of all… unmet expectations.

thats when an event organiser becomes invaluable.

We understand that entrusting your special day to a complete stranger can be very daunting as you will still need to feel in control, and that you are working with the organizer.

so some points to bear in mind when choosing a company to organise your special event

You will need to feel confident that you can work with the event organiser. Showing you letters of reference is good, but no-one is going to show you a letter from a dis-satisfied client!!!

Ask the organizer for names of suppliers that the event organiser has used, and phone the suppliers. If the organizer has a good reputation with the suppliers, it confirms that they are competent and professional

Find out how long the event organizer has been working in that capacity – you don’t want someone who has just started out, as trouble-shooting is something a person learns only from experience
Its important the event organiser is calm,knowledgeable and, friendly, returning your phone calls and emails promptly

At Anglo Israel Events we feel confident that we can fulfil all the above…and more…

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